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As Social Media has come up as the most popular communication platform, institutions are exploring innovating models to harness enormous business opportunities created by them.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for your social media needs, including social media monitoring, social data analytics and provisioning of social media command centre.

Our Social media solution helps you close the gap between gathering social network data and strengthening customer relationships; and between gathering interaction data and  strengthening your enterprise organization. It enables you to identify relevant communications, understand the impact on your organization, engage and serve your audience proactively, and incorporate their insights into decision making across the enterprise.

 We help our clients in the following.

► Identify relevant communications while filtering out the “noise”

 ► See the large trends and the voices of individuals

► Understand the impact on your organization, and how it changes over time

► Engage and serve your audience proactively

► Gain real-time, actionable insights to incorporate into decision making across the enterprise

► Proactively respond to customers’ wants and needs

► Reduce marketing & operating cost by leveraging Social Media Channels

► Enhance product / service offerings by analyzing customer’s relationships & behaviors.

► Leverage Social technology to enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication with in the organization.

Our approach focuses on following a detailed roadmap for delivery, from planning through design, implementation and monitoring to ensure the success of the initiative.

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