Finesse Retail Banking Solutions

Finesse For Retail-Banking!!

Finesse always has been at the forefront offering best in cutting edge technologies for BFSI sectors in the MENA. Partnering with London based OnCorpInc has strengthened Finesse offering game changing revolutionary solution for retail-banking sector. This development empowers Finesse in offering products and solutions that we believe can help you exploit opportunities in the retail-banking market furthermore. This can give your business an unprecedented advantage over your competitors.

Finesse offers business-focused Sales oriented tools to help you manage and uplift your sales drive and we are the only company to offer this service in the MENA region in collaboration to a sales strategy.

Some of the solutions are :

MAXIM bsi 1

It is for cross selling and for penetration for RM/personal or retail banking advisory, and other outdoor selling staff who sell their bank’s retail banking products in branches or outside branches.

It is used in sales meetings in front of the customer, compares one retail banking product to a competitor’s product instantaneously, feature by feature, giving you the seller the upper hand in the conversation with your customer, helping you to win the sale

SalCre Analyst

SalCre Analyst fills the GAP between Sales and Credit/ Ops allowing the customer facing advisor/sales agent to win more sales, beat competition and penetrate deeper. Traditionally it takes two to four days of time to make decision on an application while leaves significant room for the customer to shop around and look for better product from competition and furthermore, this traditional way of sales activity slow down sales people’s performance due to application submission that have not yet been approve but with very high hope that submitted applications would be approved.

SalCre brings significant ease on the process flow allowing Credit and Ops to deal only with applications which are pre-approved or likely to be approved. This improves TAT from two to four days to few minutes. This removes the junk data/non-credit worthy customer entering the process flow system of the bank. SalCre Analyst establishes customer and market centricity and positions the bank to stand up to overcome market-competition and win more customers. This also eliminates the possibilities of product being uncompetitive and saleable as research suggest that customer would be more open and likely to business with banks which not only acknowledge the customers but gives them quick decision on their credit applications.