Finesse IT Infr Managmeent

Finesse Infra Management Solutions

In today’s business environment managing your infrastructure is critical to ensure that your users stay productive and on the ball. Any degradation in infrastructure availability has both internal and external implications in terms of missed deadlines and unhappy customers. Finesse provides both the breadth and depth of capabilities to ensure that you have service levels at par with the best in the industry. We have a variety of pricing models ranging from per-user, per device, tiered and composite that can suit your ability to measure your cost models on a range of parameters. Our preventive maintenance plans are designed to ensure that your asset service life is enhanced substantially thereby giving customers CAPEX savings.

Our Infrastructure Management services ensure the following:

►  That the customer enjoys best in class service levels consistently along with a great user experience.

►  That real time business demands are supported with a resilient technology platform.

►  Optimization of operations occurs to rationalize service delivery costs.

►  Effectively deploy investments, resources and skill sets.