Finesse Global Solutions (1)

Best practices built into solution offerings for Compliance and Ethics, Risk Management, Audit Management as well as Third-Party Governance

In the current turbulent economic conditions, more regulations, guidelines and management policies are on the way, demanding transparency, accurate information, robust and comprehensive risk management, regulatory compliance and efficient governance.

Finesse, has partnered with the world’s leading GRC Solution provider – MetricStream to help organizations make GRC an integral part of organizational culture, where it percolates down into everyday business processes and decision-making at every level. GRC can be a valuable tool to drive revenue and increase competitive advantage, outweighing the investments made.

Our GRC portfolio includes the following-

► NESA Compliance Solution
► FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
► Policy & Procedure Management, Audits
► Market Risk, Credit Risk, Information Risk
► Basel II/III
► Sarbanes Oxley
► Operational Risk Management
► Information Security
► Digital Forensic and Crime detection & Prevention
► Identity & Access Management
► Strong / Multifactor Authentication, Digital Signatures
► Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

NESA Compliance Solution: Our solution for NESA Compliance is a centralized National Cyber Risk Management Framework (NCRMF) on the market-leading GRC Platform and is critical in adhering to the new regulatory mandates.

The Solution provides timely, actionable information to help organizations proactively address national cyber risks against corporate objectives. Using the NESA Compliance Solution, organizations will be able to quickly establish a consistent and repeatable threat management process.

Operational Risk Management (ORM) Solution: Our ORM App addresses the growing need of banks and financial institutions across the region to adhere with rapidly evolving regulatory mandates, and complex and interconnected risks and will help organizations streamline and strengthen their risk management programs.

The (ORM) App is proven in powering the operational risk management processes and activities of banks and financial institutions with key strengths and capabilities that include Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA), Single Data Repository, Key Metrics (KRI,KPI & KCI), Issue Management, Loss Event Tracking, Scenario Analysis, Capital Calculation and Dashboard & Reporting.